Gabriel Sturm

Science Faculty


Gabriel (Gav) will be joining our STEM team and teaching problem-centered chemistry. Gav is excited to develop new methods of science education and instill confidence in students, giving them the ability to solve real-world problems. Gav strongly believes that placing curiosity and student-ownership at the center of the learning process can radically improve students' interest and progress in STEM.

Gav is currently a biological researcher at Columbia University Medical Center. At the lab, Gav is leading the ‘Cellular Lifespan Study,’ which focuses on how human cells and their mitochondria perceive time and cause people to age. Gav also dabbles in various other disciplines including philosophy, entrepreneurship, digital art, and poetry.

Gav is an alumnus of the AMGEN Scholars Program and Yeshiva University’s Honors program where he studied Biology and Computer Science. He has published his research in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at several international conferences and symposia.