In Memory of Miri Farkovits z''l


Dear Family, Friends, and Members of our Community,

Last month we suffered the tragic loss of our daughter, Miri. We are now seeking ways to convert this meaningless act into one of meaning.  Miri had a love of life, people, adventure, and creativity that made a lasting impression on those who met her. Her hugs were legendary, and we feel a huge hug vacuum has been left as a result of her passing.

We have sought and encouraged others to do as many Mitzvot (good deeds) as possible since her death. Friends, family, and community members have donated to numerous charities such as Sharsheret, Ohel, Kesher, Yeshivat Noam, and Shearite Haplate. A friend of ours started a charity to provide dresses to girls in need in Miri’s honor. We worked with Ohel to share our and Miri’s story to assist other families and community members in crisis. But we need to do more.

Prior to Miri's passing, we helped build The Idea School. The Idea School focuses on growing students’ creative, problem-solving, and social skills through a Project-Based Learning model. The model has been successful already, with the school experiencing a 350% growth in students this year.  

Although she was only 9, Miri was a fixture at our Board meetings. She was so curious about what we were doing that we could hear her on the stairs trying to listen to our discussions. Miri was specifically interested in the ways The Idea School changed how we teach and engage with students. We’re proud to be part of a school where all children can be successful. 

We want to honor Miri’s life, creativity, curiosity, and passion by establishing the Miri Farkovits Educational Fund at The Idea School. Our first initiative is Miri’s Maker Makom, a space where students can be innovative and creative. We are grateful to our families, the Farkovitses and Rosenbergs, for donating $100,000 toward this first project from the Miri Farkovits Educational Fund.

However, we need to achieve sustainability for The Idea School. We are kicking off a campaign to raise $2 million to fund The Idea School’s remaining development costs. If successful, we will be able to permanently memorialize Miri by naming The Idea School in her honor.

We ask that you join us in honoring Miri by participating in this campaign, and we thank you for your generosity.

With hugs,

Lisa and Doni Farkovits

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