Rochie Sommer

Head of Stem

Ms. Rochie Sommer joined our team from YBH of Passaic where she served as the Math Chair and was part of the faculty for nine years. Ms. Sommer brings over twenty years of classroom experience, along with her passion and joy for teaching math and its applications, to The Idea School. Prior to YBH, she taught at TABC, Bruriah, Ohr Eliyahu in Los Angeles, Owings Mills High School, School 370 in the Baltimore Detention Center, Yeshiva High in Boca Raton, and RITSS in Cincinnati.

Ms. Sommer earned her BS at Columbia University's Engineering School, at the Henry Krum School of Mines, where she studied Mineral Resource Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering.  She also studied at Stern College, where she earned Judaic Studies and pre-Engineering degrees, and graduated with the Constance Schwartappel Memorial Award for Excellence in Applied Mathematics. Additionally, she was a Roth Institute Scholar for Undergraduate Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.